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GENEVA, 14th of June 2017 – As a content creator passionate about top notch end-user experiences, Kenzan SA’ mission is to work in inspiring environments and with innovative leaders.

The Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) and Kenzan SA are partnering to push the boundaries in immersive entertainment. The TEC unites talent from Technicolor and its award-winning creative brands (MPC, The Mill, Mr. X and Mikros Image) and the company’s business divisions with partners from across the immersive ecosystem.

« When Technicolor proposed joining forces to explore the next frontier in immersive entertainment, we felt flattered and energized, » said Ronny Tobler, CEO of the Swiss company. « The desire to explore virtual and alternative worlds is in our DNA, » he continued.

Marcie Jastrow, SVP of Immersive Media at Technicolor and Head of the Technicolor Experience Center said, « We are excited to partner with Kenzan SA. Like Technicolor, they are focused on enabling more people to have easier access to immersive experiences and on continuing to enhance the quality of the content. »

« As experiential designers, we have a huge responsibility. The potential we are about to unleash is phenomenal. Being able to create alternative realities is exhilarating, » said Pascal Montjovent, Creative R&D Director for Kenzan SA.

« We are working on very ambitious projects, combining the latest hardware with strong visuals to create unforgettable consumer experiences, » adds Pascal Conicella, Founder and CVO. « Technicolor’s TEC, which aims to foster engaginng experiences on emerging platforms, is a natural hub where similar minds unite. »

Joining forces with the TEC means surrounding the whole 40+ Kenzan SA staff with many of the most exceptional minds of the industry. In a world of pioneers, it is important to feel part of a bigger team.

As a partner of the TEC, we would like to contribute by sharing inspiration, information and best practices. Not only inside the industry, but also to spread the word outside, in the real world.

Technicolor TEC’s Mission

The mission of the Technicolor Experience Center is to enable partnerships and collaboration to create the future of immersive experiences. The Technicolor Experience Center is where artists and scientists from across the industry come together to realize the full potential of immersive media. By uniting talent from Technicolor and its award-winning creative brands (MPC, The Mill, Mr. X and Mikros Image) with partners from fields as diverse as gaming, animation, traditional media and technology, we enable the ideation, exploration and creation that pushes the boundaries of what immersive experiences can be.

About Kenzan SA

Kenzan SA is an award-winning Geneva (Switzerland) based company focused on creative content aimed at delighting consumers and helping businesses grow their customer base. Their expertise has earned Kenzan SA awards at Los Angeles’ SIGGRAPH 2015, the Hollywood VR Summit in 2016 and a recent grant from Epic Games, for “outstanding work”.

Founded in 2006, Kenzan SA currently employs more than 40 professionals. With its in- house team of creative directors, visual artists, animators and developers, Kenzan delivers complete original virtual reality environments and characters, along with animations, visual effects and dedicated user interfaces.

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Email Pascal Montjovent pmo@kenzantech.com


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