12 June 2017

Tribune de Genève, 6th of June 2017

written by Francoise Nydegger

16 May 2017

Kenzan SA at World VR Forum 2017

Media coverage at WVRF17, Blick am Abend written by Kevin Kyburz

30 April 2017

Books come to life at the Geneva book fair

Le Dimanche - Geneva Book and Press Fair gazette - Written by Lila Erard

29 April 2017

Mélanie Corbat answers 3 questions

AJM Unine - Youtube channel

28 April 2017

Stand by me : Geneva Book Fair and its 9 adventures

ActuaLitté - Written by Nicolas Gary

28 April 2017

Making history alive

Le Matin - Text by Fabien Feissli - Pictures by Laurent Crottet

01 May 2015

The RTS reports Kenzan on VR

Kenzan studio appears for multiple minutes in a RTS Infos reportage.

29 April 2015

Kenzan and Artanim add tactile to virtual reality

By Fabrice Delaye : The geneva foundation and entreprise uses movement tracking technologies to make the virtual reality realistic. Astonishing.