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Kenzan Motion Simulator

Always further

At Kenzan SA, we are constantly looking for a new solution to make our VR experiences even more immersive.

In this perpetual quest, we chose a high-performance hydraulic platform to create unique sensations in a restrained space. The player can thus feel all the movements of the vehicle he is driving or the creature he is riding. This combination of mobile platform and VR creates the ultimate simulation!

Starting this summer, you will be able to drive a flying motorcycle in the futuristic world of our game “The Lost Pit VR” at the launch of our first Kenzan Arena in Zurich.


Technical Details

Based on a PS-3TM-350 from MotionSystems, our flying machine propose the best VR true motion experience possible.

With a payload of 350kg this platform was the best choice. Kenzan SA can accommodate any kind of vehicle for a single player experience.

Our flying machine is part of our Kenzan Arena, but can also be a single small VR installation.