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VR Mall Promotion & Entertainment

“Plug and play” business enhancing module

“VR Mall Promotion & Entertainment” from Kenzan is an easy to use “plug and play” business enhancing module created specifically for shopping malls. It will attract customers from near and far to the mall to play a unique 2-4-minute engaging Virtual Reality game.

The game can be adapted to include sponsor branding and product placement. The gameplay is designed so that players win points which enables them to receive gifts or vouchers from promoting partners. The product comes with a series of both seasonal and neutral games – enabling it to attract a devoted audience all year long.

Easy setup

The Kenzan VR Mall Promotional and Entertainment booth consists of several trusses with fabric canvas and takes less than two hours to setup. The Virtual Reality content runs on a backpack PC from XMG with Virtual Reality Headsets from HTC Vive attached to the pack.
This minimizes cables and outlets needed and, at the same time, gives the customer complete mobility. After a quick user-friendly setup the experience is plug and play and can easily be operated by all staff.
The game can be adapted to any space requirements and requires a minimum of just 2×2 meters. Statistical reporting and a multitude of social media functions are integrated into all of Kenzan’s games.

A combination of physical and
virtual environment

By combining a physical and a virtual environment in the play area a perfect illusion is created. One can touch a barrel, a stone, a product – and the player can even feel the product or sensations as elusive as the wind on his/her skin.

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