Du Pont

A fantastic ride through history

DuPont asked us to imagine a high-tech experience that could carry the innovative spirit that runs in their blood.

What we proposed was a travel through time, exploring the challenges and ideas that have changed the way we dress, cook, and live.

To intensify the experience this Time Machine would be in VR. And some interactivity would bring the time traveller to act and better understand DuPont’s processes and achievements.


The result was shown to 6 players at the same time, during the K Show in Germany, which is the biggest fair on Plastics, worldwide. A total of 1200 visitors went through the experience, and the feedback was overwhelming.

“Working with Kenzan SA on this revolutionary idea to bring the world of plastics and engineering to life with the virtual reality system was a thrilling journey in itself!” said Rudy van Engen, EMEA Business Director, DuPont Performance Materials.

“On our side, working with DuPont on developing the time machine is a chance to use our passion for innovation with DuPont’s desire to tell its story. We have managed to create something that captures the imagination and will fully captivate K show visitors into the world of DuPont,” said Pascal Montjovent, R&D Creative Director, at Kenzan SA.