The Golden Skull

“Where’s my Golden Skull?”

☠ The Captain has lost his lucky charm. 
Embark on a journey on a pirate ship and experience pirates’ antics in search of the Captain’s Golden Skull
In a unique VR world, find your way back to the ship from a remote island and stand up to the challenges of the pirates! 

How the project started

The Pirate’s Golden Skull started out as a VR demo made for conferences to showcase an immersive and beautiful environment. From Annecy’s Animation Festival to Dubai’s Deal Show and Amsterdam’s VR Days.

Over a thousand people tested and enjoyed the game, so we decided to bring it free of charge to the Steam Community, adding more mini-games in the near future!

Title: The Pirate’s Golden Skull
Genre: Shooter, Arcade
Players: 1
Platform: Steam
Length: 2 Minutes