K2 VR 360°



Having successfully climbed Everest in May 2014, Sophie Lavaud attempted to climb the K2, 8’611 m, second highest peak of the Earth.

The Himalayan climber and film director François Damilano set himself the challenge of filming his journey on one of the most difficult mountains in the world: only 347 people managed to climb the K2, compared to over 7000 for The Everest. Fewer than 20 women have achieved this feat.

We will live from day to day this inexorable ascent, on the steep slopes of the spur of Abruzzo which  looks over more than 3’000 meters difference in height. 

This feat will be filmed in 360° VR and will be a world premiere. The spectators will be able to share the isolation, feel the vertigo and admire the breathtaking beauty of the Karakoram massif in Pakistan, which has never been filmed in this way before. Such a highly technological shoot implies precautions and meticulous logistics. Kenzan is proud to deploy its know-how on this expedition and to be associated very closely with this extraordinary challenge.



The mountain guide François Damilano shares his passion for the altitude of the Himalayan and Alpine peaks. He is the indispensable person for the smooth running of this project. He will combine his experience as a Himalayan and a filmmaker to take up the challenge of filming an expedition on the “mountain of mountains” in VR.

Altitude, cold, wind: so many elements motivate François to take out the camera and capture these adventures of great intensity. Passionate about writing and images, he is the author of several books, collections of topo-guides and movies. He is the director of the movie “On va marcher sur l’Everest” (2014) recounting the climb of one of the highest peaks on earth by Sophie Lavaud. François and Sophie will once again team up on the slopes of the K2! following  the Mont-Blanc’s climb in 2004, Sophie has travelled the world: first 5’000 in 2005, first 6’000 and 7’000 in 2007. In her first high-altitude incursion she combined the ascent of Shishapangama (8’027 m) and Cho Oyu (8’201 m) in spring 2012. On May 25th 2014, Sophie reached the summit of Everest (8’850 m) by the north ridge. During the summer of 2015, Sophie pockets her fourth summit of more than 8,000 meters with the success of the ascent of Gasherbrum II (8’035 m) in Pakistan. The year 2016 is again marked by solidarity for the benefit of the Norlha NGO with the Makalu ascent projects (8’481m, Nepal) and K2 (8’611m, Pakistan).


The challenge for this film is to immerse the viewer in the reality of a Himalayan expedition, to experience the key moments in so many sceneries. 

The spectator is teleported to the heart of the most beautiful mountains of the world, in high altitude alongside Sophie Lavaud. 

Each 360° shoot is an opportunity to take part in the adventure by alternating between moments of action and contemplation: Jeep access through the impressive Indus Gorge, glacial approach to the Baltoro in the company of the carriers, daily life at Base camp, discovery of the very high altitude during the ascent of the K2. Ambient sound has been privileged to any comment in order to heighten the experience and the sensation.