Projects can stay projects, and big projects usually stay on paper. Not true at Kenzan SA.


When we imagined beautiful children books enriched by apps, holograms, VR games and pedagogical add-ons, we didn't know how difficult and hair-rising it would be. Difficult, but exciting. We're publishing our fifth book this Spring, and the next one is almost complete. 


Among other things, we're finalizing a spectacular multiplayer FPS VR game called The Lost Pit VR. But this is only part of our VR games catalog. We work on EnigmAttic VR, a huge VR family game, where ghosts solve riddles in an atmospheric attic.

These games, and many more, are part of our expanding VR catalog that will be displayed in one of our pet projects: the Kenzan Arena, a place where young adults, families and children will gather to play and discover the best in VR.


We could also talk about the Frankenstein Park, but let's save that for another time.

And did we mention the VR 360° video documentary we are editing right now? It is called K2 VR about the recent K2 expedition, and it is… breathtaking.